Services & Activities

We have programs and services made available to meet multiple needs. Here's a look at our recurring activities and special programs we have coming up.


These are services that are set to happen ever so often baring any change or alteration which would come with prior notice.

Weekly Services

Digging Deep Service: Tuesdays (6pm)
Prayer Meeting: Wednesdays (6pm)
Faith Clinic: Thursdays (6pm)

Sunday Services

1st Service: Starting with Sunday School at 8:20am
2nd Service: Starting with Sunday School at 10:00am in the Teen Church
Youth Service: Starting at 12:00pm

Special Services

Thanksgiving Service: The first Sunday of each Month at 8:20am
Communion Service: The first Thursday of each Month at 7:00pm
Holy Ghost Service: The first Friday of each Month at the Redemption Camp
Let Your Fire Fall Service: The third Sunday of each Month at 8:20am
Worship My Lifestyle: The last Wednesday of each Month at 6:00pm

Have Questions?

If you'd like to speak to anyone of us concerning our meetings, direction or any challenges you may have, you can find out how to contact us below
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