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With Joy in my heart, I thank God for the grace He has given you to witness the beginning of a new month. A new month is a new season and my prayer is that this season shall be a bountiful one for you in Jessus Name

It is written in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that there is nothing new under the sun. Yes, Nigeria is in difficult times but the bad times will pass away. There are many instances of difficult and hard times in the bible and the reality is that tough times are just for a season. They come with a lot of pain and hardship but such seasons never last. They pass away and give way to better times. In 2nd Kings Chapter 6, there was a great famine in Samaria. It was so bad that people started to eat their own children. It was a period of anarchy where people even though belong to God; they went away from Him and sought other gods. Eventually, at the word of the Lord in 2nd Kings Chapter 7, suddenly the hard times disappeared and the land witnessed great abundance. God used the unusual i.e lepers (people despised and disdained) to bring about abundance. That is why God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

Joseph in Genesis 39 had to pass through tough times. He held on to his God. He purposed that the hard times will not see the end of him. He had a smile on his face always. He had peace in his inner mind so much that he went about living above his challenges and being a problem solver to others. At the end of the period of pain, 18 years to be precise, his dreams came through, his life was lot better than he started and he became a celebrated personality. I pray for someone experiencing pain and pangs of hardship that you will soon get relieved in Jesus Name.

Job passed through tough times. He lost everything. Even his health was touched. Yet, he refused to curse God and die like his wife advised in Job 2:9. He got inner strength because of the faith in His God. He was convinced that His God could never do anything bad and at the end of it all, the bad times were totally reversed and the good times returned with brighter and bigger blessings. Jesus Christ whilst being persecuted, beaten and battered sufferred hard times. He bore the pain and the shame with dignity. He was not ashamed of His situation. He had such great peace that through his pain He said in Luke 23:34, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do". At the end of it all, He got the Victory. Today, He has a name that is Above every other name ... JESUS!

Beloved, in these hard times, if you are a true believer who knows that God's Word are yea and amen, you will be strong. The diffeerence between a successful and an unsuccessful person is their inner strength. Successful people have two things on their lips i.e 'Smile' and 'Silence'. Smile can solve problems and brings relieve to the heart. Silence on the other hand can avoid problems. This is not the time for you to compound your problem by complaining. You may end up saying things that can be used against you. Complaints can also be registered in your subconscious and before you know it become a health hazard.

Make it a habit to live a quiet and happy life; to mind your own business and to work with your own hands. It may be convenient to sit back and watch things happen but it is more fulfilling, rewarding and prestigious to make things happen. Inactivity is a highway to irrelevance. In the game of life, those who make things happen are the players while those who watch things happen are the spectators. If you are a spectator, you will only see the movie life without being a principal actor. If you sit prayerlessly watching things happen, even the devil will make things happen to your detriment. So play your part. Pray and pray earnestly and fervently. Don't get unnecessarily edgy. Remember that trees change their leaves and not their roots. You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every barking dog. Remember that tough times never last but tough people do.

My advice, to you today is 'Don't worry, Be happy', Settle it with a smile, this is a season which will soon pass away. Always pray to God to show you the way to go; request from Him the strength to stay strong and calm in this season and beyond. I can assure you that very soon; there will be a turnaround for your good.

.......... From: Pastor Onanuga Folasade

mission and vision

#1. To make heaven.

#2. To take as many people as       possible with us.

#3. To have a member of       R.C.C.G in every family of       all nations.

#4. To accomplish No. 1       above, holiness will be our       lifestyle.

#5. To accomplish No. 2 and 3       above, we will plant       churches within five       minutes walking distance       in every city and town of       developing countries and       within five minutes driving       distance in every city       and town of developed       countries.

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